Sunday, October 5, 2014

New Shower Curtain Craziness

So, this is the story of why we ended up with a new shower curtain.  I know what you're thinking....that's not blog post worthy, but it is.  Trust me.

Have you ever had one of those life moments where the series of events leading up to that particular time in your day, while out of norm for you, happened for a very definite reason?

Me too.

A few weeks ago I was going about my normal workday routine.  Mondays are never fun, and I was just going through the motions trying to do too many things at one time.  I was checking email while brushing my teeth and just trying to hurry to get the day started.

Things were progressing just fine until it was time to turn off the water in the shower.  I leaned down to turn off the faucet and my foot slipped.  Suddenly, I found myself in one of those slow motion moments.  I knew I was going to fall and I knew there was nothing I could do about it.  My body turned and I was free falling out of our tub....taking our shower curtains with me.  I remember my hip hitting our toilet and my brain tell me to turn my body in hopes that I wouldn't bang my head on our tiled floor.  Instead, I landed squarely on elbow and only a small section of head hit the floor.  The worst pain I have ever felt shot up my elbow and I thought for sure I had shattered it.  Laying on the floor, I had no idea what to do.  I happened to look up and see my phone hanging off the side of the vanity. Remember my question from earlier?  I never take my phone into the bathroom with me.  Why, on that morning, I did escapes me, but there it was.  I was so excited except that when I reached up to grab it...I pushed it out of the way.  I'm on the floor laughing and crying because of the phone.  Well, I noticed my tube of toothpaste and was able to use it to get my phone.  Long story short, I was on the floor with both of our shower curtains under me and looking up at a bent rod.

My husband found a replacement and instead of putting it in the existing holes, he had to put it in a new spot. For that reason, the old shower curtain was now too short.  We needed a shower curtain that was 78 inches.  Have you ever tried to find a 78 inch shower curtain in a particular color scheme?  It isn't easy.  lol

Luckily, I am a shop owner on Etsy and just knew there had to be someone who could help us out.  I stumped upon Swirled Peas Designs and fell in love with their curtains.  The best thing about this shop is that they can match your exact paint color.  Shelly is the owner and worked with me to make sure I got the exact color I needed.  She even saved my package before it was shipped to the wrong address.  Best of all, we have a gorgeous shower curtain that was completely customized for us  AND it's 78 inches long :)  

What do you think?



You can really see in that last pic how well the color matches our ceiling color.  I loved the last curtain, but this new one is so much more elegant and fits beautifully in our decor.  I love it :)

Thanks again Shelly and Swirled Peas Designs for an amazing product!  

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