Sunday, July 6, 2014

Master Bedroom Part 1

Holy abandoned blog people!  lol  I envy those of you who blog every day because I just can't seem to blog more than once a year.  I'm back with another home decor blog post.  I'm having so much fun making our beige house into a colorful home :)

Warning**  This post and the following post will be very picture heavy.  Come on though, it's a post about a master bedroom redo.  It should be picture heavy, right?  Right?  Ok, I feel a little bit better.

So, let's start with the before.  If you missed my last blog post, we purchased a foreclosure almost 3 years ago. The bank really fixed it up before we purchased it.  However, in the process of making things better, they made everything BEIGE.  ARRRRGGGGHHH.  For this color loving woman-beige is the devil Bobby Booshay.  Seriously.

We've spent the last 2 3/4 years slowly updating and I'm just as slowly sharing those updates with you.

 Without further ado, here's our master bedroom redo!

To begin, these are the pictures I took when we first walked through the house with our Realtor.  Beige from top to bottom.  Even those crazy blinds were beige. However, the size of the bedroom is awesome and those 3 windows provide a LOT of natural light.

If you are like me, I get a color scheme in my head or a certain color and then I buy 3 or 4 samples of shades of that color.  You can see on the left hand side of this picture we were deciding between 3 different shades of purple and 3 different shades of aqua.  You can also see all the weird angles of our ceiling.  Beautiful roof line = crazy ceilings.

I need to let you in on a little husband HATES to paint.  He loathes it, but he does it for me :)  So, in order to make his job a little easier and to prevent him from having to cut in with all those crazy angles...I decided to bring the ceiling color down the wall a few inches.  Well, in a few spots it's a few inches, in this shot it's a few feet.  I was super, duper nervous at first.  We decided on a height and then we used a level to draw a line all across the room and my hubby got to painting.

I love this color.  It's Sunken Pool by Behr.  I believe it's a Satin Finish.

This picture makes my pretty aqua ceiling look minty fresh.  It's definitely not this green.  Got to love cell phone pictures!

The purple we picked is Hyacinth Arbor also by Behr. I absolutely love this color. So much in fact that I've almost convinced the hubs to repaint my dark purple craft room with this color!  Did I mention he hates to paint? We found a pretty rope chair rail at Lowes and painted it the same white as our trim.

Ok.  Once we painted, we knew that the ugly beige carpet had to go.  Isn't that a lovely shot of CARPET IN THE MASTER BATHROOM!?!?!?!?! The carpet was actually installed just before we moved in, but they used the cheapest, thinnest carpet and pad they could buy and it was not soft at all.
 This carpet is amazing.  I can't remember the color to save my life, but it's a dark grey and it was about $2 a sq foot.  Maybe even cheaper.  Again, we purchased from the Home Depot.  They like us. *I'm not sponsored by them in anyway, but if you're reading this Home Depot and want to sponsor, you can totally hit me up.  lol *

Next up, furniture.  There's a funny story about this bed.  Well, it will probably be funny in the next 10 years, but during the time it was kind of stressful.  Our old bed was a queen.  We purchased a new mattress set and decided to go cheap.  Well, needless to say, that wasn't our best plan ever.  However, it was a blessing in disguise because we ended up deciding to upgrade to a king sized bed.  The only problem was that we didn't have a king sized bed.  We didn't even have a king size bed frame.  We thought we could live with mattresses on the floor for a little while until we remembered that we had purchased low profile box springs (did you know there was such a thing?  There is.  Helps your bed stay humanly tall and you don't have to be the Jolly Green Giant to crawl into it at night.) to help protect my already broken foot from re-breaking.  I actually broke my foot by stepping out of a bed that was too tall for me.  It was crazy.  Anywho, the mattress were TOO low to the ground and like Goldilocks I wanted something just right.

I already knew that I wanted an upholstered bed. I love the look of them and have been totally in love with this shape for a couple of years.  I had thought we would try to DIY a bed, but we just happened to see a HGTV ad for their furniture line from Basset and presto chango...we bought this bed.
 If only it had really happened that fast, I would have been a very happy girl.  This is a custom king sized bed.  We picked the fabric and they made it and delivered it in about a month.  Isn't it gorgeous?  I was worried about the paisley, but we decided to just do the headboard in the material.  It also has a nail head trim.  It's so pretty.  We love it.  The next picture shows it with our other new bedroom furniture. Oh, and the bedding we bought to make due until we were ready to purchase a bed, paint, etc.  Did I mention our initial time frame for all of these changes was 6 months and we ended up doing it in 3 weeks?

I know some people advise against matchy/matchy bedroom furniture, but I am of the mindset that if I like it, that's all that matters.  I found this furniture while googling white furniture.  It's actually kids furniture.  It's a white with a silver glaze on top.  It's so pretty.  I love the shape on the bottom and I felt it really fit with the bed, etc.  Unfortunately, it was being discontinued  We purchased that day and are totally in love with it.
 Love, love, love!
That's the first round of updates for the master bedroom.  The next post will be more changes!

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