Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Blossoms

I love spring.  In fact, the only other season I love just as much as spring is Fall.  Spring is a time for rebirth.  We had a surprisingly wet and snowy winter...well for Dallas at least.  Can you believe we had a record 12 inches of snow?  I have pictures to prove it!

Now, now it's time for everything to be green again.  We enjoyed the white blossoms of our Bradford Pear tree.  We planted petunias, geraniums, labrador violets and ferns.  We've gussied up the patio and the yard is in pristine condition.

I LOVE spring :)

To celebrate 100 fans on facebook, I gave away an ornament to a lucky facebook fan page member.  She shares my love of purple and I knew that I wanted something that celebrated all things purple and spring :)
I had so much fun creating this ornament.  This ornament is a 3" ball featuring purple ribbon, sequins and blossoms.

Each side has large blossoms and small blossoms.
I decided to keep the top very simple.  I wanted the flowers to remain 3 dimensional and not lose the flow of the pattern.
Want your own blossoms ornament, but want different colors?  We have over 40 choices of flower colors and styles such as opaque, iridescent or metallic. Email me with your color choices and we can work together to design the perfect ornament for you or a special someone.

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