Sunday, April 16, 2017

Poshy Mail Gift or Subscription Boxes

Poshy Mail Gift or Subscription Boxes

The Details:

Do you ever stress over what to buy that special someone in your life...including yourself? In this day and age, we are super busy. I'm here to help you take a second to slow down and find time to pamper yourself or your loved ones!  

I am so excited to offer you a new way to give and receive Perfectly Posh Products - Poshy Mail gift or subscription boxes!

Gift boxes are available in $35, $50, $75, $100 and $125 dollar amounts, and each one will have a value of at least $5- $10.00 more than what you pay. Just $6.00 shipping on every gift box! Want to include a personal message? No problem at all. Just select the occasion, add your gift message and a card will be added to your gift at no extra charge!

Subscription Boxes - Each month a new Posh box subscription will be made available. I will keep track of what I send you so that each month you will receive different types of products (you won't end up with 12 BFYHC or bath bars over the year!!) You may choose to sign up and pay each month, or subscribe. *special discounts or promotions may be available to those who choose to subscribe each month.*

Subscription Boxes are available in $35 or $55 dollar amounts. Each will be worth more than you pay and you will pay just $6 shipping! Each box will contain full sized Posh products, samples and a small gift from me. Products may be current, retired or even exclusives that you can't get!

Signing Up-Sign ups will be opened up each month prior to the subscription month from the 5th-15th. Invoices will be sent out within 24 hours of you submitting this form. Invoices should be paid by the 20th of the month, and Posh boxes will be mailed on or around the 5th of the following month! Time frame dependent on Posh shipping times.

Subscription or Pay As You Go-Sign up for a subscription and you will automatically be billed each month on the date of your sign up! You can cancel at anytime before your billing date. Pay as you go and receive an invoice each month. 

The sign up sheet will allow you to name preferences for the type of item(s) to be included in the box (though specific items may not be guaranteed) as well as items that you would not be interested in! I am excited for you to get your first box!

Watch the video explaining the process and use the form below to sign up! 

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