Monday, August 22, 2016

A short break

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to pop on and let you know that I will be on a short break.  I spent several days in the hospital last week leading up to having an emergency surgery on Saturday to remove my gallbladder. I'm home, sore and exhausted, but I have good nurses in my hubs and Roxie Sue :)

I will be back next week with more videos and card ideas.  I hope :)

See you!


  1. Hey Misty! I am more than sorry to hear you are ill. Take care of yourself, and give your body the time it needs! We wait here for you :)
    Sending tons of get-well-wishes from Germany,
    Yours Sanny (YouTube fan ;-)

  2. Hi Misty
    Sending get well wishes. Hope you recover soon and not in a lot of pain.
    Take your time and stay well.EYESTAMPL8ataoldotcom

  3. Hi Misty,
    So sorry to hear about your emergency surgery. I too had emergency gall bladder surgery (thought I was having a heart attack!) two weeks after having an emergency c-section to have my first child...35 years ago....not fun but good news is the only draw back after the recovery period is "watch the spicy food"! .
    Rest & take care,
    Linda from Southern California


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