Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The year of the softball

Holy smokes! I just photographed, and boxed up my last 3 ornaments of the season! Thank you to everyone who supported me during this last holiday season....and through all of them so far :) I'm dubbing this the year of the softball. I never know what's going to be the most popular ornament. Last year, it was a tie between the OKC Thunder and the New Orleans Saints. I about swore off fleur di lis for good! This year the softball was the most popular ornament. Here's a look back to all the ornaments I completed for the 2014 season :)

Kansas City Royals Ornament
Hornets Ornament

Browning Ornament

Creeper Ornament

Huey Ornament

SMU Mustangs Ornamnent
Baby's First Christmas Ornament for Twins!

Boston Terrier Ornament

Wedding/Anniversary/Engagement Ornament

Air Force Ornament
 Elf Ornament
 The Grinch Ornament
 Santa Ornament
            Sock Monkey Ornament
 Girl Scouts Ornament

Infamous Softball Ornament

Thanks for stopping by!  I appreciate it :) 

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