Thursday, October 20, 2011

Universal Studios

I mentioned on Facebook the other night that it feels like Universal Studios in The Jolly Fat Elf studio.

We've got the boy who lived:



The Harry Potter design was chosen by a winner from an ornament giveaway.  "Like" us on facebook: for your own chance to win a custom ornament.

Spiderman is for a cute little boy who's mom wanted an ornament for him that would still blend with the colors she's chosen for he tree.  I think he'll blend just fine!  Need a purple and silver Spiderman or maybe a red and green Spiderman?  Just let me know :)

I have a completed ornament to share with you as well, but I have one more day until it arrives to it's recipient and I promised I would keep it a secret..but I PROMISE that you are going to love it :)

This is the Head Elf signing off for tonight!

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  1. I totally love all your ideas and ornaments! I am a new follower and would love it if you followed back!



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