Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oh my gosh

My last post was June 16th and bursting with happiness about my husband and I buying a house.  Well, guess what.  We still haven't closed!!!!  URGH

The AC started malfunctioning around the time the offer went in and they have been trying to fix it ever since.  Well, come to find out, someone had taken all the copper out of the attic.  Blah

So, we have been waiting on that.  Our close date has changed 3 times now with the latest date being the 26th.  We are HOPING and PRAYING that we close before then.  Our lease is up on the 31st.  *biting nails.*

I've got the crafting itch and can't do anything about it.  All my stuff is packed in boxes and I do believe my hubby would kill me if I went through and started unpacking stuff!

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

We are so close to 200 likes on FB.  Once we make it, I'll definitely host another giveaway...or 2!

Thanks for sticking it out with us!


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