Saturday, March 6, 2010

Refer A Friend program

Here at The Jolly Fat Elf we have two ways of saving money on our products.  We offer a tremendous discount on larger sets of ornaments.  Ornaments can all be similar or very different in design.  We want to work with you to design the ornaments of your dreams :) Check here for pricing and shipping information.

The second way to save is through our refer a friend program.  Here's how it works.

Each customer that chooses to participate in the Refer a Friend program, RFP, will receive 5 business cards with a RFP code that is linked with their name.  The customer passes along the cards to friends, family, coworkers, anyone that might have an interest in our ornaments.  When a new customer completes a purchase, they will be asked if they have a Refer a Friend code.  If they do, they will enter it and the original customer receives 20% off their next order.  *Codes can not be combined for a bigger discount on one order.*  Each code will afford the customer 20% off 5 individual orders.  After your RAF code has been used 5 times, you receive a free ornament and 5 more cards with a new code for your use. 

Sending your ornament as a gift straight from us?  No need to worry!  You will receive your cards separately and can choose to enroll the recipient in the Refer a Friend Program with their own RFP code.


Is there a limit to how many ornaments I have to buy using the 20% discount?  Absolutely not...well you have to buy one of course, but you are welcome to buy as many as you want. 

I want to purchase gift certificates, can I still sign up for the RFP? Yes!  Any purchase allows you to enter the Refer a Friend Program.

Who is responsible for the shipping and handling costs for my free ornament?    We are!  When we say free..we mean free!

Can my free ornament be sent to a different address or as a gift?  Yes!  Your ornament can be shipped anywhere in the US.  Keep in mind that gift wrapping is not included and will need to be purchased separately.

Hopefully that answers all your questions about our Refer a Friend Program.  If you have any other questions, you can always email me.


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