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  1. Hi Misty...thank you so much for sending me some of the samples of the PP products...I am now finally getting a chance to enjoy them.....and I'm loving what I have been using. I too am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator but finding out about these products has definitely tweaked my interest in Perfectly Posh. I was watching some You Tube videos about the new kit just released and was enjoying seeing all the lovely products. This might be something I would be interested in doing...not sure how big it would become..maybe just something small for myself and friends....but wonder how long you have been with PP and what all you can tell me honestly about how you feel about the company. I love that the products are made in the USA and that they are free of all the "junk" ingredients. Would love your honest opinion as to whether or not this is something I should seriously look into joining with. Thanks in advance. Love your videos and love your outlook on life...Susan Timchack

    1. Hi Susan,

      This month is actually my one year anniversary with Posh. I love the products and the company is great. It's a younger there are still some growing pains, but the rewards are awesome. The support is awesome and the majority of other consultants are helpful! Once you join, there's a ton of training and completing that training will earn you some rewards as well. You can choose to do this as a business or just buy for yourself. Unlike SU, we get a commission, even on our own sales. So, instead of instant income/discount, you will get money back the following Wednesday. They pay via a Posh Pay master card. The really good thing is that instead of having to meet a quarterly minimum of $300, you have 6 months to meet that. If you were to join today, you would not have to meet that minimum until December! Once people try the products, they love them. We are just launching the Spring/Summer stuff so your starter kit will be full of stuff to sample, business products, etc. If you want to chat, email me and let me know!


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